2. Introduction to the OpenUp! project

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2.1. About the OpenUp! project
By Walter G. Berendsohn, Anton Guentsch (BGBM), published as: „OpenUp! Creating a cross-domain pipeline“, in: TDWG 2011 Annual Conference abstract.

2.2. OpenUp! Project in a Nutshell
By K. Zágoršek (NM) in: OpenUp! Newsletter No.1, p. 4

2.3. Creating a cross-domain pipeline for natural history data
Interview with the Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Walter Berendsohn. Published in: OpenUp! Newsletter No1, p. 12f*

2.4. Flowing Smoothly into Europeana: the OpenUp! Technical Workflow
By J. Frank (NM), J. Hoffmann (MfN), G. Koch, W. Koch (AIT), F. Theeten (MRAC) &, in: OpenUp! Newsletter No.3, Page 16ff.*