Frequently asked Questions

What is GBIF?
GBIF is an international organisation that is working to make the world‘s biodiversity data accessible everywhere in the world. For more information visit GBIF ( and
What is BioCASe?
The Biological Collection Access Service, is a transnational network of biological collections of all kinds. OpenUp! partners will use the BioCASe provider software to make content available for Europeana. For more information visit
When can I see the first OpenUp! objects in Europeana?
The first part of the OpenUp! content is already available in Europeana:
How many objects will OpenUp! provide to Europeana?
There are currently over 1,061,000 items scheduled for contribution to Europeana.
What kind of content does OpenUp! provide to Europeana?
High quality object images, natural history artwork, animal sound files, and movies from the natural history domain.
How many partners and content providers are in the OpenUp! project?
23 project partners, including some of the most outstanding natural history museums and botanical gardens in Europe, and almost all will function as content providers. See pages 14-20 in the OpenUp! Newsletter #1 or
Can I also be a content provider?
OpenUp! welcomes institutions and encourages them to become associated OpenUp! partners, providing content to Europeana and GBIF. For more information visit or contact us at
See: Frank, J. & Jacob, B.: Questions and Answers. In: OpenUp! Newsletter #1 p.6 and the corresponding forum posts on the OpenUp! Helpdesk.