Record/image without a scientific name?

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Record/image without a scientific name?

Hello all

I am processing an old book-bound herbarium, and I would like to include the image of the front page (title page, so to say), but no scientific name can be associated with this page. is this a problem? What information will you recommend to associate with this image?

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Hi Christian, I would

Hi Christian,


I would recommend to:

-add a technical primary key to  the table specimen (ie an unique integer value) and ideally to the other tables -to split the images (and their metadata) into a separate table and link them to the specimen table , via foreign key containing the  identifier of the specimen


So you could have:


Specimen Table


(technical primary key)







Image table


(technical primary key)

"fk_specimen"  (this link to the primary key of specimen)*


License Format (+any other field that needs to be mapped under /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/MultiMediaObjects/MultiMediaObject )



*Alternatively, If you cannot create primary key on all tables, you could create a composite foreign key that points to SourceInstitutionID, SourceID, UnitID but this is more complicate to handle in a SQL Query

As "/DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/MultiMediaObjects/MultiMediaObjec"t is a repeatable object, it would allow you to map several images attached to the same specimen identifier.


If you don't want or cannot modify your original database structure, it could be also interesting to create this structure via view (persistent SQL queries).

See also the "Repetable Elements in ABCD" of this page for another related example (higher taxonomic ranks associated to a specimen):



Feel free to contact us if you have more question