How to link multiple images to one item.

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How to link multiple images to one item.

How to link multiple images to one item.

We have multiple images of a single items (in our case a living plants) how do we get more than one image per item published in Europeana, a fix (or temporary work around) was mentioned at the Project Assembly in Prague last week but no details were given.

Not having multiple items is causing us issues with our deliverable numbers.

PS. Also cannot raise a "support ticket" on the support site - get a "You must select a client" message when trying to create a new ticket.



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Dear Rob,   On a

Dear Rob,


  1. On a technical point of view, you can link multiple images to a single item in your ABCD mapping by intervening at database level.

The concepts mapped under /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/MultiMediaObjects/MultiMediaObject[...] must be stored into a new specific SQL table that is bound to the table containing the identifier of the unit via foreign key.


  1. Once the technical configuration is ready you have to tell the workpackage for content provision (Janus for botanical data) that will require a specific re-harvesting of your data