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By Boris Jacob (MRAC), Larissa Smirnova (MRAC), Anne-Sophie Archambeau (MNHN), Pere Roca Ristol (MNHN), Janno Jõgeva (UT-NHM), James Davy (NBGB), Jiri Frank (NM), published as: C8.4.5 - New providers information package.

OpenUp! has made more than 1 000 000 multimedia objects available to the public via Europeana.  In its third project year OpenUp! is now inviting other European institutions or organisations to join the project. While in the beginning, the OpenUp! project focused on cooperation with natural history museums and herbariums, we now also invite other kinds/types of institutions (universities, botanical and zoological gardens, aquariums, etc.) to join the efforts of the project. New natural history content will be continually provided by current OpenUp! participants, as well as by non-participants that may or may not be familiar with BioCASe. As an associated partner, you will be able to use our expertise, workflows and technical infrastructure to provide your own content to the general public, as well as to scientific audiences.

How to become an OpenUp! Associated Partner

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OpenUp! is inviting institutions or organisations to join the efforts of the project and to provide their natural history multimedia content to Europeana, and additionally to GBIF and BioCASE, using the OpenUp! technical infrastructure. There are a few prerequisites for becoming an associated partner:

  1. It holds multimedia content from the natural history domain, which can be provided to Europeanawith provider software using the ABCD data format.
  2. It is possible to map their data to the Europeana formats (ESE and later EDM) with OpenUp! tools.
  3. The new partner signs the Europeana Data Exchange Agreement* (DEA) and sends a copy to the OpenUp! Coordination.
  4. The new partner signs the Data Access Agreement (DAA) with the OpenUp! Coordination (to be replaced by a Memorandum of Understanding that will be formulated later this year as Component 1.6.0).
  5. The new partner states which data sources and datasets are made available under that agreement or MoU, and under what licenses the multimedia objects are published.

Further information and documentation for specific user groups

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Depending on what job you have in your institution you may have specific questions about OpenUp! from your domain. Please choose one of the roles below to find additional information:


Collections Managers, Technicians

PR Department, Communication, Education

Legal Department, Legal Advisor

Direction, Policy Makers